BSN-IV, Sem-VII English

12 students

Credits: 02 Hours

Placement: BSN-IV, Semester-VII

Faculty: Syeda Uzma Paiam

Hi, I am Syeda Uzma Paiam (, your teacher for English (BSN-IV, Semester-VII). I encourage you to enroll in our blended learning English Language Course.

Learning the English language can really change your work life. English is the official language of all medical procedures and spoken in all major hospitals worldwide. It is the medium to study, patients’ history, medicine labels, and medical care. Being proficient in the English language is key to getting ahead in the medical profession.

Learning the English language enables you to communicate easily with your doctors, patients, and staff. When you study English at our online school, you will be making friends with nurses and paramedics from lots of different countries, using English as your common language.

Many of the world’s top pharmaceuticals and hospital clients etc. communicate in the English language. Therefore, by learning English you will have access to a great wealth of cultural understanding.

Here, you can take online quizzes and assessments. This course has six units helping you develop along with the following areas.

  • Reading, Writing, Understanding, Speaking the Medical English Language fluently
  • Understanding the basics of paramedics communication
  • Speak English words and phrases at a hospital
  • Questions doctors ask patients in English
  • Discussing health problems in English
  • Medical Vocabulary development
  • Reading fluency, including oral reading skills
  • Discussing Accidents and Injuries in English

The program includes eLearning speech activities. Through these activities, you can record your voice to access your spoken English, pronunciation, and fluency.


Course Contents

Unit I: Oral Communication

  • This unit is designed to build students’ conversation and confidence. It provides them with speaking models that will help in exchange for greetings, ideas, thought, and feelings.

Unit II: Oral Presentations

  • This unit focuses on students to speak fluently and persuasively before an audience. It also aims at establishing the importance of presentation skills in a clinical context.

Unit III: Vocabulary

  • This unit builds students’ verbal skills by making them aware of different categories of lexical items.

Unit IV: Grammar

  • This unit aims at using specified grammatical items.

Unit V: Reading Comprehension

  • This unit enables students to read and comprehend fairly complex, unfamiliar, nursing and non-nursing, authentic texts with appropriate speed and adequate understanding.

Unit: VI Report Writing

  • This unit will provide learners with an evaluation criterion for writing correct, concise and informative field visit reports.

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      • Speaking
        • ESP061. Short Answers in English Copy
        • ESP062. Conversation Skills in English – Hesitation devices – uh… um… Copy
        • ESP063. English Grammar – Present Simple tense Copy
        • ESP065. Speaking English – Saying Numbers Copy



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      12 students enrolled.